Swisse Active is a range of premium quality sports nutrition products for everyday men and women who lead busy and active lifestyles. Whether you are a yoga lover, a gym-goer, a runner or simply like the occasional walk, Swisse Active can help support your nutrition and fitness goal.Swisse Active has been designed to help every day people Prepare for, Sustain through and Recover from daily physical activities.The premium quality ingredients have been chosen to support nutritional needs for physical activity, and are suitable to be taken alongside the Swisse vitamin range and Skin Care products.Swisse Active is comprised of three phases, important for supporting a healthy active body:HELP PREPARE FOR A WORKOUT WITH SUPPORTIVE NUTRIENTS.• Swisse Active Amino Acids• Swisse Active HydrationPreparing the body prior to exercise is important when engaging in physical activities or training. Supporting the body with nutrients and adequate hydration helps the body perform at its best.HELP MAINTAIN ENERGY LEVELS DURING EXERCISE.• Swisse Active Energy Bars• Swisse Active Energy GelsDuring exercise, the body requires carbohydrates that can be rapidly converted into energy. Swisse Active Energy Bars provide an easy and convenient source of carbohydrate to help fuel a workout.HELP THE BODY RECOVER AFTER PHYSICAL ACTIVITY• Swisse Active Protein Bars• Swisse Active Protein Powders• Swisse Active Protein DrinksProtein bars and powders are a great addition to the diet for individuals participating in regular exercise. Added protein in the diet can help assist muscle development after exercise.

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