PT Pro Balance Board

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The PT Pro Balance Board is a flat, hard top with an unstable, rounded bottom that you can stand on.  In sports and fitness lore, a balance board has traditionally been used for a number of benefits which include coordination training, rehabilitation and core stability.

In terms of coordination training, all of the body parts are required to work together in order to maintain one’s balance. This engages all of your body’s functions in order to avoid falling off the board. This ultimately makes all of these functions more adept for fitness and everyday situations. 

Closely related to this is better reaction time. If you find yourself on the verge of falling off, you will resort to a plan of action to make your body react in such a way for it to maintain its balance. Athletes who need to react quickly to a starting gun for a race can use a balance board to improve their reaction time. 

Using the PT Pro Balance Board can also help prevent injuries, specifically those which are related to the ankles. Some studies indicate the strengthening of the ankles whenever using a balance board.  Because of these, the likelihood that they will be sprained during actual games or everyday tasks is decreased. 

Moreover, this product can also help make your training more fun and challenging. From doing push-ups on the board to catching balls whilst on it, it adds another dimension which keeps you in top physical and mental form. Additionally, certified personal trainers swear by its results in terms of strengthening the core muscles. 

The PT Pro Balance Board has a diameter of 41 cm and comes in a combination of classic grey and black colours. It sells for only $20. Hurry and order yours now!   

Maximum person weight: 150kg

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