Musashi Growling Dog Creatine 200g

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SKU: mage_0288 Brand:Musashi

Musashi Growling Dog Creatine 200g is blended with 5% fructose, a carbohydrate which aids the more efficient transportation of Creatine into muscles where it is utilized for ATP energy regeneration as part of the Creatine phosphate system. This energy system is responsible for power generation providing the fuel necessary for explosive activity.

This product is ideal for all those who want some support in energy production, in sports or strength activities and want to gain lean muscle fast.

Highlights Of Musashi Growling Dog Creatine 200g

•    Contains Micronised Creatine and 5% carbohydrate to assist transport to muscle tissue, Growling Dog Creatine is a convenient way to load your Creatine.

•    Is excellent for athletes and the ones involved in power and sports activities such as bodybuilders, footballers and sprinters.

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