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The healing process
To understand the process of healing, we need to have a basic understanding of the way skin functions. The skin has three major layers: the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutis.
The top layer of the epidermis is actually dead skin. Every few days this layer is sloughed off and is replaced by new cells. New cells are produced at the bottom layer of the epidermis. As they grow they push other cells upward to the surface where they become flattened and lose most of their water content.
The dermis is a supple layer of connective tissue matrix which make up 90% of the skins thickness. This matrix consists of ground substance composed of acid mucopolysaccharides and other proteins. Running through this dense meshwork are fibres made up of collagen and elastin. Collagen fibres give skin its strength and elastin fibres maintain the skins elasticity. With age, the collagen begins to deteriorate causing the skin to become thinner and sag and the elastin breaks down causing wrinkling. The connective tissue matrix also contains specialised cells such as hyaluronic acid which hold water in the skin. These cells are the skins true moisturisers. The acid mucopolysaccharides play an important role in the tissue regeneration of the skin as they have a stimulating effect on the connective tissue cells.
The subcutis is made up of mainly of fat and is responsible for insulating the body but has no role in the repair of tissue.
Active ingredient of Hirudoid is MPS
MPS stands for mucopolysaccharide and the MPS in Hirudoid is similar to the bodys naturally occurring mucopolysaccharides. The healing tendency of the skin relies on the presence of MPS in the tissue. The effectiveness of any skin cream depends on its absorption and scientific studies have shown that the MPS in Hirudoid penetrates the skin and is able to reach the dermal layers in effective concentrations. Thats why doctors and pharmacists have been recommending Hirudoid as a healing agent for decades. MPS accelerates healing in the following way:
• Improves blood flow to the area.
• Promotes tissue regeneration by increasing collagen and elastin fibres in the connective tissue matrix.
• Improves moisturising capacity of the skin by increasing the hyaluronic acid content.
• Accelerates the absorption of bruises.
• Reduces swelling and inflammation.
Impressive success in the treatment of scars
The activating influence of Hirudoid has a beneficial effect on the appearance of scars. The MPS in Hirudoid is able to attract water and therefore loosen the connective tissue preventing a dense accumulation of the fibres which create a thick scar. Several studies have shown that Hirudoid softens scars, increases flexibility of the scar tissue, reduces redness and results in a better cosmetic appearance.
Anti-inflammatory effect on veins
Doctors know about the powerful anti-inflammatory effect of Hirudoid and recommend it for inflammatory conditions of the veins. Many women suffer from superficial thrombophlebitis of the veins. Pregnant women are especially prone to thrombophlebitis due to the influence of hormones and the effects of pressure within the abdomen. Symptoms are tired, painful legs with swelling and inflamed veins. Many studies have shown that the MPS in Hirudoid reduces the inflammation of superficial thrombophlebitis.
Dissolves bruises up to 50% faster
Its a fact that women bruise more easily than men. Plastic surgeons are aware of the excellent results achieved with Hirudoid in bruising and swelling and recommend it for their patients after surgery. Studies have proven that Hirudoid can reduce the healing time of a bruise by up to 50% and is also effective for treating the swelling.
Reduces the healing time of sprains
The pain of sprains and other minor injuries is a common problem and frequently causes absence from work. Hirudoid increases the blood flow by dilating the peripheral blood vessels. This promotes speedier absorption of fluid from the tissues. In one study 83% of patients who used Hirudoid were fully mobile within one week.
Hirudoid heals
Because Hirudoid penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin, it is the health and beauty product that goes beyond the cosmetic and brings real science to healing so that you can have better looking skin.
Hirudoid is available in 20 gram and 40 gram tubes.
Each gram contains mucopolysaccharide polysulfuric acid ester 3 mg

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Hirudoid Cream 20g
Hirudoid Cream 20g
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