Vida Glow

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Modern lifestyles & environmental factors can contribute to a toxic overload which is why it is important to assist the body in the detoxification process to help purify the body from within. Combination of 22 nutrients Cleanses, revives and brighten from the inside Protects from free radical damage Purifies the skin Good source of protein & Vitamin C Alkalizing & detoxifying properties


An alkaline body is a healthy body, many health problems stem from a foundation of acidity which is why it is important to alkalize for balance, immunity, vitality and wellbeing. Combination of 28 nutrients combining pre & probiotics Alkalizing formula Supports digestion Balances gut pH & reduces bloating Helps remove toxins from the body Anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties Good source of fibre & Vitamin C


Ingestible intelligence – in today’s highly competitive and stressful world, your mind is your tool to success. Combination of 13 power nutrients Assists with focus Supports energy & reduces fatigue Enhances memory & cognitive function Increases endurance & stamina Reduces stress & anxiety Good source of Vitamin C, B6, B12, Zinc & KSM-66®


During sleep, the skin’s metabolic rate speeds up which helps the repair process. Getting deep, restful sleep is important for energy, productivity and overall health. Combines Masala Chai & 72 trace minerals Alleviates interferences for a restful sleep Naturally aids sleep Calms anxiety Improves stress management Relieves symptoms of adrenal fatigue