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The IsoWhey Berry Meal Replacement Bar contains a delicious blend of mixed berries, wholegrains, nuts and seeds for added nutritional benefits.  High-protein – more than 12g of protein per serve. Contains wholegrains – with oats, millet, amaranth and buckwheat. Contains almonds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds – high in vitamins and minerals and contains fibre. No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. Naturally sweetened with stevia.


IsoWhey Probiotic Chocolate is 99% sugar free, with 1% occurring naturally in cocoa, contains no artificial colours or flavours and has no gluten for a healthier chocolate snack. 99% sugar free, for a guilt-free chocolate snack. Contains 10 billion CFU of friendly bacteria, which contribute to a healthy digestive flora. With 25% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin D, for healthy bones and immune system. High-quality Ghanaian cocoa, rich in antioxidants. No gluten and no artificial colours or flavours. Delicious dark chocolate flavour.


ISOWHEY SHAKER Perfect for preparing your IsoWhey Weight Management Smoothie.


Specially formulated to provide a convenient source of fuel perfect for pre-, during and post-event fuelling.


The ultimate sports rehydration formula – coconut water with a specific electrolyte composition and UltraMag a unique blend of magnesium chelates. This formula assists with rapid replacement of fluid and electrolytes and supports energy, stamina and endurance. IsoWhey Sports Electrolyte Formula also assists in relieving muscular aches and pains and in preventing muscular cramps and spasms. Scientifically formulated isotonic drink that delivers a unique blend of coconut water, carbohydrates and electrolytes to support healthy hydration and energy production and the maintenance of peak condition during strenuous or endurance exercise. Provides a full spectrum of electrolytes that are lost during intense exercise – sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride – for rehydration and helping the body’s fluids stay in balance. Has a coconut water base that supplies protein, carbohydrates and electrolytes to support natural hydration. Contains UltraMag magnesium, a specialised delivery system that enhances absorption and intestinal tolerance of magnesium, to reduce muscular aches, pains and cramps. Provides 4% carbohydrate per isotonic dose to provide a rapid delivery of fluid and fuel, and maximise gastric tolerance and palatability. Contains 4200mg of malic acid. No added fructose. No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. AUST L 275022