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A gentle, lightweight facial cleanser & makeup remover Helps lift away makeup & impurities effortlessly from face & eyes Formulated with Hazelnut Oil for skin softening & nourishing benefits Infused with Laminaria Seaweed for purifying, re-mineralizing & moisturizing power Maintains the natural balance of skin Ideally primes skin for other skincare products Leaves skin clean, fresh, soothed & protected Perfect for all skin types Paraben-free & suitable for use during pregnancy


A soothing & moisturizing facial toner Formulate with Deionised Water for a hydrating natural base Contains Witch Hazel concentrate for soothing, regenerating, anti-bacterial & astringent properties Penetrates skin & into the lymph to stimulate cellular exchange & regeneration Leaves skin re-balanced & gently toned Perfect for all skin types & suitable for use during pregnancy


A powerful dark spot corrector Features a luxurious, rapid-absorbing cream texture Contains an exclusive Brightening Complex comprising an advanced Vitamin C derivative, Sea Lily flower & Brown Algae Helps reduce the formation & size of pigmentation spots Blended with detoxifying anti-oxidants to neutralize damage from air pollutants Infused with UVA/UVB sun filters to deliver effective sun protection Shields the epidermis from dehydration with moisturizing agents Skin looks clearer, more radiant & even-toned Suitable for all ages & all skin types


An intensive brightening facial serum Formulated with anti-oxidant Vitamin C to inhibit melanin production Neutralizes the effects of air pollutants for those living in urban environments Contains sea lily flower & brown algae to correct the appearance of mottled skin Prevents the formation of new brown spots Infused with moisturizing agents to protect the epidermis from dehydration Unveils a smoother, plumper, more luminous, translucent & even-toned complexion Paraben-free & suitable for use during pregnancy


A nourishing, soothing & extremely restorative cream mask The rich, velvety texture rapidly soothes irritation Formulated with botanical oils for nourishing benefits Contains Shea Butter, Jojoba & Mimosa Wax for firming action Infused with marine ingredients for remineralizing power Reduces the appearance of redness & dilated capillaries Gently restores skin’s natural balance Leaves skin calm, smooth & re-plumped Ideal for dry or flaky skin Paraben-free & suitable for use during pregnancy


A versatile, detoxifying & easy-absorbing body oil Rich in Vitamin E & antioxidants to eliminate toxins & care for even sensitive or dry skin Formulated with uplifting Peppermint, Eucalyptus & Lemongrass Oils Helps promote blood flow, purifies skin & stimulates the senses Blended with Sweet Almond Oil for conditioning & hydrating benefits Infused with Avocado Oil, highly concentrated with vitamins, fatty acids & antioxidants Offers skin protecting & moisturizing power Keeps body skin soft & hydrated with refined contours Not suitable for pregnant women or those with nut allergies Paraben-free


A powerful anti-ageing facial cream Contains Mexican Wild Yam to stimulate skin regeneration & boost cellular function Blended with anti-oxidant Wheat Protein to protect skin against cell destruction & photo ageing Infused with Aloe Vera for calming & moisturizing properties Loaded with Vitamins A & E to improve dermal collagen & reverse skin damage Improves skin firmness & elasticity while reducing wrinkles & fine lines Skin feels softer, smoother & toned with a youthful radiance Ideal for mature, tired & weathered skin Paraben-free & suitable for use during pregnancy


A spicy, ginger-scented, multi-benefit body oil Quickly & easily dissolves into skin Harnesses the stimulating properties of traditional Ayurvedic massage to heal & energize skin Formulated with Vitamin E-rich sesame oil & grape seed oil Helps nourish & moisturize even very dry skin Rich in anti-oxidants to slow down the effects of ageing while regenerating new skin Infused with essential oils of ginger & camphor for healing & energizing effects Unveils softer, more radiant, toned & younger looking body skin Perfect for all skin types Paraben-free, not to be used if pregnant or breast-feeding


A detoxifying & exfoliating facial mask Contains red seaweed to exfoliate dead cells, absorb impurities & sebaceous secretions Leaves skin smooth, radiant, refined & purified Great for dry skin or congested skin prone to blackheads Suitable for use during pregnancy


A brightening & revitalizing facial treatment for tired skin Formulated with moisturizing Azelaic Acid to lighten dark spots Helps control & absorb excess sebum & gives a matte finish Contains Marine Spring Water for hydrating, revitalizing & re-mineralizing benefits Infused with Wild Indigo extract to relax skin distress Loaded with Red Seaweed & Evening Primrose Oil Helps moisturize skin, improves skin elasticity & builds a surface tensing film Skin instantly appears firmer, more radiant & regenerated Perfect for all skin types Paraben-free & suitable for use during pregnancy


A luxurious, deeply protective day cream Formulated with Macadamia Oil for moisturizing & balancing benefits Blended with Shea Butter to deeply nourish skin Infused with Soya Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil & Corn Germ Oil Delivers immediate comfort to very dry, sensitive skin Loaded with Beeswax to improve skin’s barrier protection Prevents moisture loss & combats dryness Keeps skin soft, smooth, elastic & soothed Paraben-free & suitable for use during pregnancy


A botanically-rich, cooling eye treatment Helps instantly refresh, lift & brighten tired eyes Rich in naturally active ingredients like Ginkgo Biloba to reduce dark circles Formulated with Gourd Extract to soothe & calm stressed eyes Contains Marine Spring Water for hydrating, revitalizing & re-mineralizing benefits Infused with Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate & plump up fine lines & wrinkles Unveils a firmer, smoother, more radiant & rested eye area


A revitalizing & brightening facial gel mask Concentrated with seawater, rich in trace elements for re-mineralizing & plumping action Contains aromatic essential oils of Lavender, Cypress, Ylang-Ylang & Palmarosa Offers regenerating, cell stimulant & draining benefits Restores radiance to tired & dehydrated complexions Fills in fine lines while improving skin elasticity Unveils firmer, smoother, fresher & energized skin


A balancing & moisturizing facial emulsion Features an ultra-lightweight, oil-free & non-greasy formula Contains Shea Butter to protect & nourish skin Blended with Marine Criste to energize cells & promote micro circulation Infused with Jania Rubens for remineralizing & moisturizing benefits Restores equilibrium to oily skin & regenerates congested skin Prevents moisture loss & combats dryness Skin appears more elastic, radiant & rebalanced Ideal for combination to oily skin or rebalancing during summer months


A marine-based mattifying facial toner Contains sea-sourced minerals & trace elements to replenish skin with minerals Strengthens skin’s natural protective barrier Blended with Jania Rubens for remineralizing & moisturizing benefits Rich in rose water for calming, soothing & pore minimizing effects Regulates sebaceous secretions while revitalizing dull, sallow complexions Leaves skin cleansed, mattified, refreshed & radiant Recommended for oily or combination skin


A re-mineralizing & balancing facial mask Works as a mask, booster, eye treatment or cleanser Formulated with Laminaria Seaweed (brown) & Mineral Salts Offers detoxifying & replenishing benefits Blended with Lemon, Horsetail & Hops extracts for toning & hydrating properties Infused with Pine & Rosemary extracts to promote elimination of toxins Skin appears clean, fresh, purified & re-balanced with a healthy glow Ideal for congested, lifeless skin


A high-powered yet gentle anti-wrinkle eye treatment Formulated with naturally derived marine Retinol to stimulate cell renewal Reduces the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines around the eye Harnesses technology advanced complex to improve skin texture & quality Blended with organic Silicium, Ash Bark Extracts & Vitamin B3 Helps prevent & correct dark circles & puffiness The eye area appears smoother & plumper with a youthful radiance Can also be used to treat loss of tone & elasticity around lips, neck & décolleté Paraben-free & suitable for use during pregnancy


A deeply nourishing & relaxing body oil Formulated with Sesame Oil, Hazelnut Oil & vitamin-rich Buriti Oil Offers deeply nourishing, moisturizing & regenerating benefits Protects skin from free radicals while preventing premature ageing Infused with essential oils of Lavender, Mandarin & Oregano Delivers mental uplifting & mood enhancing effects Relieves symptoms of stress & eases tensions Re-creates an aromatic spa experience at home Keeps body skin soft & radiant Not suitable for pregnant women


A delicately-scented, water-based facial foam cleanser Helps gently yet effectively remove makeup, impurities & excess sebum Formulated with red algae for anti-bacterial & anti-pollution properties Blended with a biological exfoliator to remove dead skin cells & impurities Leaves skin fresh, pure, supple & smooth Ideal for combination skin Soap-free & paraben-free


A UV protective & moisturizing day cream Contains sea-sourced minerals & trace elements to replenish skin with minerals Strengthens skin’s natural protective barrier Blended with Jania Rubens for remineralizing & ultra-moisturizing benefits Infused with Sea Lily flower to reduce the number, size & pigmentation of dark spots Provides effective sun protection with UVA & UVB filters Keeps skin smooth & even-toned Paraben-free & suitable for use during pregnancy


A corrective, moisturizing & toning facial serum Concentrated with seawater, rich in trace elements for re-mineralizing & plumping action Contains anti-ageing Chlorella to boost the vitality & energy of cells Rich in natural antioxidants that restore balance to stressed & polluted skin Corrects dehydrated & oily patches Leaves skin soft, smooth, clear, refreshed & even-toned Suitable for those with congested or combination complexions


A glow enhancing & deeply hydrating facial serum Contains Macadamia Nut Oil for deeply hydrating & protecting benefits Rich in Vitamin E for anti-ageing & anti-oxidant power Infused with Soybean Oil to nourish skin Loaded with Beta Carotene to smooth skin surface & fight against free radicals Relieves parched skin & prolongs a tanned glow Recommended for dry or very dry skin Paraben-free & suitable for use during pregnancy


An ultra-rich, regenerating & radiance-boosting overnight facial elixir Packed with therapeutic essential oils to revitalize & detoxify fatigued, lifeless skin Contains a powerful blend of Rose Damascena, Jojoba, Geranium, Rosewood & Lavender essential oils Helps stimulate epidermal cells & revives a dull complexion Blended with sesame seed, St. John’s Wort flower & wheat germ oils to intensively nourish skin Effectively treats the effects of hormonal imbalance, during the monthly cycle or during menopause Keeps skin softer, smoother, more radiant, comfortable, hydrated & rebalanced Paraben-free


A powerful radiance-boosting & skin-resurfacing peel mask Contains marine-based acid, botanical enzymes & semi-precious mineral powder Combines chemical, mechanical & biological peel methods Helps dissolve dead cells & renews skin’s surface texture Restores a smooth, radiant, perfect, refined & refreshed complexion Perfect for all skin types Paraben-free & suitable for use during pregnancy


A gently restorative, anti-inflammatory night treatment duo Contains essential oils of marjoram, Italian lemon zest plus Centella Asiatica extract Offers anti-inflammatory, soothing & vasodilatory properties Enriched with chromium, cobalt & iodine to balance blood circulation & protect capillary walls Rapidly reduces redness & irritation Leaves skin calm, soft, smooth & rested Ideal for sensitive or irritated skin


An intensive global anti-aging serum for eye & lip contours The lightweight gel-texture quickly penetrates to deliver an immediate soothing effect Contains Marine Spring Water for hydrating, revitalizing & re-mineralizing benefits Blended with Lysine, an amino acid to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles Infused with Pumpkin for anti-puffiness action Loaded with Red Micro-Algae & Evening Primrose Oil to improve skin elasticity Unveils softer, smoother, plumper, more radiant & regenerated eye & lip contours


prodLangLongDesc : A vitamin-packed, anti-aging body oil Formulated with luxurious natural oils including Cranberry Oil, rich in Omegas 3 & 6 Helps fight premature ageing & damage caused by free radicals Contains anti-oxidant Grapeseed Oil & vitamin-rich Olive Oil to stimulate cell regeneration Instantly nourishes even the driest of skin while preventing skin aging Keeps body skin soft & radiant Ideal for use during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks