Healtheries Fish Oil 1000 200 capsules

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Why use Healtheries Fish Oil 1000mg? Omega-3 fish oil is one of those supplements with a lot of health benefits. First there’s the proven heart health and circulation benefits. Then there’s the help with stiff, painful joints. There’s nourishing your skin, maintaining your blood pressure, and balancing your hormones. It may even help children to focus, learn and develop healthily.Healtheries Fish Oil capsules give you 1000mg of sustainably-harvested fish oil that’s extensively purity tested for heavy metals, pesticides and other pollutants. It’s the easiest, most convenient way to all get the benefits of Omega 3 Fish Oil for you and your family.Recommended For Topping up your Omega-3 essential fatty acids (in particular EPA and DHA) every day Helping to maintain good blood pressure and cholesterol levels Keeping your heart healthy Easing many kinds of inflammation, including joint swelling and stiffness Calming stress and emotional imbalances Supporting children’s learning, memory and brain development Soothing dry skin conditions like eczema Balancing your hormones during PMT, menopause, or anywhere else in your menstrual cycle

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