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Creates a Silky, Smooth Finish – Lightweight silicone gloss smoothes the surface and leaves hair soft and silky.
Long-Lasting Shine – A special blend of chamomile, jojoba and henna provides shine and reflection.
Resists Humidity – Helps deliver frizz-free, smooth shine in all climates.


Silky and Smooth – A special blend of silicones and styling agents provides the perfect balance of slip and hold to create a silky smooth finish.
Soft and Manageable – Lightweight humectants and conditioners leave hair soft and manageable.
Enhanced Shine – Chamomile, jojoba and henna provide shine and reflection.


Smoothes and Conditions – Wheat and vegetable proteins team up with conditioning ingredients to moisturize hair from within, protecting locks while leaving them soft and silky smooth.
Resists Humidity – A unique, humidity resistant ingredient provides incredible memory that lasts in any weather, creating an ideal foundation for heat styling.
Saves Time – Skinnier strands make heat styling a cinch; the exclusive Super Skinny Complex displaces water and constricts every strand for reduced dry time and speedy styling.