Styling Products

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Adds Body and Volume – A blend of panthenol and water soluble styling agents adds volume and increases body at the root while helping to protect against mechanical damage.
Precision Sprayer – The extended sprayer makes it easy to deliver the right amount of product precisely where you need it.
Provides Root Lift – Spray close to the scalp for lift and maximum volume.


Dries Fast – Clean, flexible styling agents dry instantly without flaking, stickiness or added weight.
Provides Firm Hold – Delivers long-lasting, humidity resistant firm hold.
Adds Volume – Panthenol and hydrolyzed wheat protein build body and make hair look and feel thicker.


Builds Extra Body and Fullness – A special combination of flexible, thickening and body-building styling ingredients provides fullness and manageability.
Provides Deep Shine – Clean styling agents and conditioners combined with aloe, henna, jojoba and rosemary create high shine.
Dries Crystal Clear – This clean, clear formula provides brush-through body and fullness without dusting or flaking.


Thickens – Thickening conditioners and clean, flexible styling agents provide extra body with soft memory that shapes and separates. Protects – Strengthening conditioners and UV protection shield hair from the sun while leaving it looking and feeling thick and healthy.
Adds Shine – Apply to clean, damp hair for shiny, fuller, easier-to-style locks; or try on dry hair for super shine with more definition.