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Create perfectly undone definition using Paul Mitchell INVISIBLEWEAR® Memory Shaper™. This soft memory product creates a natural-looking finish while also adding the perfect amount of flexibility and shine. The lightweight formula, enriched with velvet flower, leaves hair feeling soft, smelling fresh and effortlessly manageable.


Paul Mitchell INVISIBLEWEAR® Pump Me Up™ texture powder instantly volumises fine, limp hair for revitalised, healthy-looking strands. It quickly and easily disperses at the root to boost body and bulk up hair, making it to look incredibly thick and full of life. Don’t give up on your thin strands—just give them a sexy, secret lift with INVISIBLEWEAR® Pump Me Up™.


Too much humidity can wreak havoc on hair. Paul Mitchell INVISIBLEWEAR® Volume Whip® is the perfect product for resisting the damaging effects of humidity while also providing a long-lasting, crunch-free hold. It helps you achieve perfect blowouts and add shine while also fighting frustrating frizz. Hold your hairstyle in place no matter the weather with INVISIBLEWEAR® Volume Whip®.