The best sports nutrition brands in Australia in 2019

No Pain…No Gain! But remember, you need the right sports nutrition!

Here at Chemist Beauty we have over 100k health and beauty products from the most trusted stores in Australia. But up until now, we haven’t had any articles or such to promote brands or categories that would be interesting to the many visitors that come every day to our large amazing platform 🙂

With that in mind, we’ve decided to start promoting some popular content on Chemist Beauty to help visitors get inspiration for their health and beauty needs. To start we thought we would showcase some of the top sports nutrition brands available for Aussies in Australia!

Enjoy…and remember – no pain, no gain!

Balance Nutrition

Balance Sports Nutrition is one of the longest running, most trusted sports nutrition brands in Australia and New Zealand.

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Balance Carnitine is used to help assist the body to metabolise fat into energy.L-Carnitine is an amino acid that helps reduce oxidative stress and is utilised in fat metabolism. Supports the transportation and utilisation of fats as an energy source May assist athletic performanceNot recommended for children.Adults: Take 3-6 capsules daily, at least one hour before exercise, or as directed by your healthcare professional.Take evenly throughout the day, including one before training.Each Capsule Provides: Levocarnitine Tartrate 500mg equiv. Levocarnitine 340.5mg May assist athletic performance.

Aussie Bodies

Australia’s number 1 protein brand!

Aussie Bodies offers a range of fitness-inspired sports nutrition products including protein bars, beverages and powders, designed to keep you going for longer, stay fuller for longer and best of all, tastes so good you won’t believe it’s minus the guilt. Australian owned and here to kick start your healthy lifestyle!

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Protein packed, high fibre, low carb, low sugar


Gen-Tec Nutrition

Gen-Tec Nutrition was founded in 1999 by Nick Jones who has devoted 33 years of his life to nutrition, health and the art of Bodybuilding.

The Gen-Tec formulations are always evolving and retail sales are experiencing rapid growth throughout Australia and targeted overseas markets.

First and foremost, Nick Jones is a Body Recomposition Specialist whose goal is to improve quality of life and enhance performance through superior nutrition, exercise and specific supplementation. Nick’s dedication to body building has paid dividends throughout the past 28 years and has been justified by his achievements through local, national and international platforms. His achievements include Mr World, Mr Australia, Mr Australasia and 1st runner-up in the prestigious Mr Universe competition.

These award winning honours are testimony to the benefits of the Gen-Tec product range.

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The sports nutrition used by champions!

Established in 1987, Musashi offers a full spectrum of sport nutrition solutions sourced from the highest quality ingredients. Driven by an obsession to innovate with scientifically supported and proven products, Musashi prides itself on strict quality control principles, assisting the performance needs of elite to everyday athletes.

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MUSASHI SHRED AND BURN is an optimised protein powder providing you with a powerful blend of active ingredients designed to support your lean muscle goals. MUSASHI SHRED AND BURNTM is scientifically formulated using Whey protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate in an advanced muscle shredding complex. This lean muscle formula is enhanced with key SHRED AND BURN ingredients: L-carnitine and Green Tea extract to support your goals in a delicious formula that tastes great and mixes with ease.


MUSASHI ZMA+ is a source of key minerals Magnesium, Zinc and Manganese. ZMA+ can help to replace these minerals which can be lost during vigorous exercise. ZMA+ supports healthy reproductive hormones and assists protein synthesis in the body.Each of these essential minerals play important roles in nutrient metabolism and normal muscle function during and after exercise. AUST L 201415


More brands to come..

We plan to update this section with more nutrition brands as we collect more data about amazing brands we have here on Chemist Beauty.

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